THING the biggest mono suit in our line tracking suits.
Power and glide performance.

THING is the perfect suit for those who love fun, rodeo, long flights and of course BASE. The area of the suit allows you to fly with large wingsuits in a flock. With all this, the suit does not constrain you at all, you can run, jump, swim, scratch your nose during the flight. The Thing Monotrack is undemanding with parachute canopies, and works great with nine-section canopies when paired with a standard bridle*. But! We highly recommend using a toroidal PC for this.

*we have not tested with crossbraced canopy, and if you are ready to do it, be sure to send us a video.

Key features:

- You have completely free hands and you can run in this suit.

- Flying qualities like a big wingsuit and the posseble to make a flair.

-The three air chambers of the suit are interconnected to form a monocoque, which gives a quick and even filling of the suit.

- Perfect access to the PC. Does not require wingsuitmods or seven-section canopies from parachute systems.

- Charged for BASE. Six air inlets for a short start. The air inlets are equipped with airlocks to prevent loss of pressure in the suit. Large cargo pocket.

- The recommended experience for jumping in the THING suit is 200+.