Otter 2 is a great versatile wing for intermediate and experienced pilots.

We are proud to introduce the second generation of the Otter wingsuit. In Otter 2, the profile of the armwing and tailwing has been completely redesigned. We have changed the material on the leading edge of the wing and have added a flow sleeve of material to the upper surface of the armwing, which made it smoother and laminar. We developed our own pressure overflow system - "monocoque". From now on Otter 2 comes with pressure equalization valves that were previously tested on prototypes. The design of the wing is performed in the way so that the surface of the tailwing smoothly pass into the wings and form one working surface. We have reduced all possible etching and swirling. Increased sweep. The general "anatomy" of the wingsuit has become more natural, enveloping the pilot like a second skin. All of the above allowed Otter 2 to expand the range both in terms of speed, maneuverability, and responsiveness in control.

Key features:
-System of pressure flow between the wings - "monocoque"

- Improved inlets with airlocks provide fast inflation and even pressure inside the suit over the entire range of speeds and angles.

- Less foot wing flutter, including at low speeds.

- Smooth leading edge and sleeve flow to the upper surface of the wingarm.

- Laminated lower shell and full-width rigid insert form the perfect wing leading edge.

- Adjustable pressure in the wings with a large range - from the most rigid and aggressive suit to the soft and super comfortable.

- Otter 2 is a suit for intermediate and experienced pilots. The minimum recommended experience is 150 jumps in smaller area wingsuits.