Mono is the next generation one-piece tracking suit.

Power of a mid-sized wingsuit in a much smaller body.

Fast start, intuitive handling and great stability with a widest range of comfortable flying modes makes Mono a perfect BASE machine and your fun tool for skydiving.

Mono has best in class ease-of-use to performance ratio.

Since its initial release in 2017 Mono has proven suitability to be one's first flying suit.
We can recommend to try a Mono having only 100+ skydives with proper ground training provided. However, flying the suit itself is easy, keep in mind that understanding the traffic, flight patterns and groups separation are vital skills.
Don't be stupid - take a proper FFC as if it was a wingsuit.

As for BASE jumping applications. Mono, as any one-piece, looks deceivingly safe, but the truth is it is not. It is still dangerous when flown by inexperienced basejumper.
Just take your time.