Mono 2 - for those who want more from Monotracks.

Speed, dynamics, performance.

Mono 2 is a continuation of the first Mono, its development, evolution. Perhaps this costume should have been called Blade, as it fully reflects the image of a sharp blade cutting the air stream. The thin profile, increased sweep and the number of ribs in the suit give it a more precise aerodynamic shape, which has a positive effect on the speed and maneuverability of the Mono 2. This is exactly what is needed for those who understand the sacred meaning of the Monotrack and continue to actively develop in this direction.

Key features:

- You have completely free hands and you can run in this suit.

- Slim profile and maximum performance for this surface.

- Perfect access to the PC. Does not require wingsuitmods or seven-section canopies from parachute systems.

- Charged for BASE. Six air inlets for a short start. The air inlets are equipped with airlocks to prevent loss of pressure in the suit. Large cargo pocket.

Recommended experience for jumping in Mono 2 - 50+ flights in the first version of Mono.