Shell - 3-Ring BASE container system.
Comfortable, lightweight and low profile solution for all types of jumps.

› Medium-to-long container provides comfortable BOC access for tracking and wingsuiting
› Laterals design is aerials friendly
› Lightweight - only 1800g for the most durable Cordura version
› Super comfortable soft legpads
› Convertible top flap or floorplate closing
› Stainless steel 3-Ring hardware*
› Awesome lightweight AustriAlpine aluminum buckles
› Releasable toggles included in the price. You never know when you'll need them :) We truly think they're a must for everyone.
› Available with AustriAlpine aluminum lightweight hip rings

Shell is also available with a custom print in both Regular and Light versions. If you want to have the custom design, please, mention this in the Comments section.